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My wife told me about this yesterday and I was laughing out loud before she could tell me that is was immediately failed to have the desired response.

How ridiculous are they: they abuse, stomp mudholes, violate the 2nd and 4th amendment on a regular basis, act like sociopaths while rarely being held accountable and now they requested the general public to post friendly “selfies?”  What a bunch of stoopid shitheads these copfuks are…

cops jumping on car

Well, the #MyNYPD hashtag sure backfired quickly

For another case study in the perils of using Twitter for branding, look no further than the #myNYPD hashtag that is now trending for all the wrong reasons in the New York City area.

What started out as an attempt to solicit pent-up good feelings among the New York Police Department’s constituents is turning out to be a troll-fest of epic proportions.

One by one, hundreds of tweets with photos of what the tweeters suggest is police brutality or misbehavior are being sent out with the hashtag #MyNYPD. No good can come from this, but as US Airways and others have learned recently, its hard to take back a tweet.



mynypd10mynypd8 mynypd7 mynypd6 mynypd5 mynypd4 mynypd3

Original HERE.


Isn’t It Ironic




i hate mondays

its monday

defnitely monday

monday bomb



It’s Wednesday

Guess what?

It’s Hump Day

say hump day again


You Will Be Missed

My buddy Locke let me know that the man known as The Ultimate Warrior from the WWF/WWE passed away last night.  He had just been inducted into the WWE HOF this past weekend.

In my youth, many great hours were spent with my friends watching, discussing and debating the world of pro-wrestling.  Looking back to the wrestlers i grew up with, it seems almost every WWF/WWE Superstar has their demons, and their time always seem to come earlier than the average person; but at least Warrior had his moments where he could say he was the greatest.

Ultimate Warrior, you will be missed and I hope you have found peace.

A well done summary can be found HERE on Fox Sports.



Peanuts Cartoons You Probably Won’t See

peanuts 4

Peanuts 2

Peanuts 3

Peanuts 1

Arguing with stupid libtards makes me tired…



If Man Obeyed God

god and jeoffrey

My buddy forwarded me one of these videos a few days ago.  I found it pretty funny and started watching the other videos.  Very funny stuff as long as you don’t take religion too seriously; if you do then you will probably be offended; enjoy.

these are just a few and many more can be found on darkmatter2525′s youtube channel.


Why Government Matters

Ron Swanson is many things; and all of those things are great.


ron swanson skim milk

swanson pyramid of greatness

ron swanson no we shouldn't

Ron/Ron 2016


Radio Radio

radio radio

Performing Radio Radio on SNL got him banned for quite a while; one is only allow to mock our owners in approved settings.

We need a lot more people like Costello to say “fuckit” and do what is right irregardless of the consequences.





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