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Debating Statists


Whether they are clovers, flakes, morans, trolls or the more common term statist; there is little point:

debating statists



My wife told me about this yesterday and I was laughing out loud before she could tell me that is was immediately failed to have the desired response.

How ridiculous are they: they abuse, stomp mudholes, violate the 2nd and 4th amendment on a regular basis, act like sociopaths while rarely being held accountable and now they requested the general public to post friendly “selfies?”  What a bunch of stoopid shitheads these copfuks are…

cops jumping on car

Well, the #MyNYPD hashtag sure backfired quickly

For another case study in the perils of using Twitter for branding, look no further than the #myNYPD hashtag that is now trending for all the wrong reasons in the New York City area.

What started out as an attempt to solicit pent-up good feelings among the New York Police Department’s constituents is turning out to be a troll-fest of epic proportions.

One by one, hundreds of tweets with photos of what the tweeters suggest is police brutality or misbehavior are being sent out with the hashtag #MyNYPD. No good can come from this, but as US Airways and others have learned recently, its hard to take back a tweet.



mynypd10mynypd8 mynypd7 mynypd6 mynypd5 mynypd4 mynypd3

Original HERE.


Isn’t It Ironic




i hate mondays

its monday

defnitely monday

monday bomb



It’s Wednesday

Guess what?

It’s Hump Day

say hump day again


Peanuts Cartoons You Probably Won’t See

peanuts 4

Peanuts 2

Peanuts 3

Peanuts 1

Arguing with stupid libtards makes me tired…



If Man Obeyed God

god and jeoffrey

My buddy forwarded me one of these videos a few days ago.  I found it pretty funny and started watching the other videos.  Very funny stuff as long as you don’t take religion too seriously; if you do then you will probably be offended; enjoy.

these are just a few and many more can be found on darkmatter2525′s youtube channel.


Why Government Matters

Ron Swanson is many things; and all of those things are great.

ron swanson skim milk

swanson pyramid of greatness

ron swanson no we shouldn't

Ron/Ron 2016



here comes some freedom

only need crayons blue red and white ronnie on a raptor

peter griffin in american flag suit


american freedom

Fuck Yeah!


Tax Breaks

A great friend of mine sent me this and it is quite funny.

Raising these 19 chill’run

shirley q liquor

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