Cuz They’re Bad, Mmmmm-Kay…

This was forwarded to me by a buddy who watched multiple OReilly clips in a row. I don’t know what sins he was atoning for that made him torture himself like that.

OReilly does his normal thing and brings on 2 “sides” to be fair and balanced. That perpetuates the false idea that there are in fact only 2 sides and not infinite possible sides. It also can never be fair and balanced because he isn’t a mediator; he interjects his own opinions perpetually and often talks over the “side” that is “wrong.”

I simply don’t like that the kids would be forced to attend an assembly for or against drug/alcohol/sex. That discussion is to be handled by parents, schools need to stick with Math, Reading etc…, you know, the stuff they already can’t handle.

But the thing Bill is really wrong about is the crushing of true dialogue. Those boys weren’t 12 year olds, they were probably “active” and have tried “substances.”



“Mmmm-kay, cuz drugs are bad.” That’s what is supposed to go for dialogue. No kid is going to prohibit themselves from something because they were told “it’s bad.” In fact that is going to make them more inclined to try it.

They have to understand consequences. But real consequences, not the artifical ones of the government. Govt’s fake consequence is simply a reinforcement of the idiotic false truth that you “shouldn’t do it cuz it’s bad” but followed up with, “and if you do it, I will f’n spank you.”

Consequences like addiction and suicide are real valid reasons but they are not universal truths like our masters want us to think they are. I hear people complain about kids and young adults not being responsible. That is not a result of a lack of more stringent laws, it is the result of them being brought up looking up to the Nanny State and perpetually asking permission to do do anything and everything.  Where would these people be if they weren’t judging everything as “good” or “bad” and thus legal or illegal.

I am glad Jesse had the exact transcript to better explain the context of the comments Bill had an issue with and then counter Bill with some of his own medicine.

You can’t complain about people acting like children, when they are perpetually treated like children. The issue is that the collectivist love this and need it so they can keep their thrones of judgement.  Regardless of what Bill tries to project, he is a collectivist at heart, he thinks he knows better than everyone else and others should be forced to accept his opinions as fact.  He rarely fails at being a douche.