…And This is Better Than Those Things.

So it’s that special time of year, in just 1 week the NFL season will officially begin.  But more importantly Fantasy Football is about to start.  The draft for my team “the strangest brew” is this Friday and I need to work on my draft board.  FF gives me a reason to watch and keep track of the other games and the tactical aspects of setting your roster require a chesslike mind.  Plus it gives me something to look forward to if the Eagles trip out of the gate like they typically do.

It also means that one of my favorite shows starts their 4th season soon.  It is crude, lude, offensive show and the majority of the actors are stand-up comedians.  It is absolutely great and you don’t have to be FF nut to laugh your ass off watching this show.

If the terms “White Knuckler”, “3 Penis Wine”, “Eskimo Brothers”, “Shiva”, ”McGibblets”, ”Trade-Rape”, and “Yobogoya” don’t ring a bell you are really missing out. It also helps that one of the characters is played by Jon Lajoie.  The first 2 seasons are on Netflix Instant and season 3 is probably available on Demand or will be rerun on FX.  Here is a clip from the very first episode, check it out.



Ruxin Highlights

God bless fantasy football.  There are many things a man can do with his time, and this is better than those things.