the strangest brew (FF team)

So here’s the team that will respresent the site in fantasy this year.

QB-P. Manning

RBs-Ray Rice, Cedric Benson, CJ Spiller, Ben Tate, David Wilson

WRs- Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Brandon Marshall, Malcolm Floyd, Mike Williams

TE-Fred Davis


K-Stephen Gostkowski

I am fairly happy with the draft, I got Manning in the 4th round and with the 5th pick I got Ray Rice.  Hope he pans out even though he did just get paid, that is usually kryptonite for top 5 running backs.  To win this league you need to have strong WR’s because there is no flex position, it is 3 WR’s every week.  And with it being a 12 team league you need to find diamond in the rough at WR, I am hoping Vincent Jackson allows Mike Williams to have a breakout year for me.  Fred Davis the only TE on the ‘Skins roster will likely be a good performer with rookie qb RG3.  The Eagles defense might give up a ton of yards with the wide-9 but they probably have the deepest d-line and should be good for 3-5 sacks every game.