I was reading TBP and Jim Quinn mentioned the first new car he ever bought was a Chevy Beretta. No offense to Jim, but talk about a car that was a piece of sh!t even when it was new. It made me think, I have owned many vehicles, but never bought one brand new (and don’t plan on it), I don’t see the point in it. I am not scared of having someone else’s farts embedded into the seat cushion, I sit on it, I don’t eat off of it. In 15 years I have owned 11 different vehicles (wife thinks I have problem). The newest vehicle I have ever bought was my truck which was 3 years old when I got it; it’s also the only vehicle of the 11 I have ever financed. Almost everyone I know personally who has ever actually been responsible for themselves and their finances (and not dependant on mommy or daddy into their 20′s and 30′s) has owned a POS car at least once. It gives you character; I have always driven them with pride because I knew I was saving money or keeping miles off the cars I enjoyed and cared about, like my MR2.

Probably the best (or worst depending on your perspective) POS car I owned was a 97 Suzuki Swift with 150k on it, it was a white hatchback so a co-worker dubbed it “the egg.”  The Swift was basically a rebadged Geo Metro, its pizza cutter wheels were great in the snow. The cloth headliner sagged and constantly made contact with my hair but I fixed that over a lunch break with a stapler. It had no A/C but the heater kicked ass. The best part was that I bought it for $800 off of a mechanic who kept it well-maintained mechanically. I drove it for almost 3 years without anything more than oil changes being required. I never worried about leaving it at BWI airport when traveling for work (no one would still something so cheap) and it cost $3/month to add to my insurance coverage.

A few years ago, as a gift to ourselves, my wife and I bought a big screen tv but I didn’t want to pay to have it delivered. Then my buddy sold his pickup right before it arrived in the store so I had to find a way to get it home on my own. I took a few measurements, removed the passenger seat and hauled a brand new $1,000 tv home in an $800 car, hahaha, I love telling that story.

Eventually electrical gremlins made it prohibitive to fix so I donated it.  Hopefully it was able to help someone else out as a parts car.

Adam Sandler used to be really funny, Ode To My Car is my favorite song on what I think is his best comedy album: What The Hell Happened to Me?

If you want share you own POS Car “love” stories…