She Turned Me Into A Newt, But I Got Better…

So I haven’t done an O’Really post in a while.  Personally there was a fair amount of stress in other aspects of my life and I was on a strict regiment of avoiding all things aneurysm-inducingly stupid.  This meant I had to stay away from anything Bill O’Reilly related.  I still haven’t even listened to the Stewart/O’Reilly debate.

But I just couldn’t stay away any longer.  I stumbled across a video by Neil DeGrasse Tyson and then had to watch the original clip he was referencing.

Here Bill is talking to an atheist, around the 2:00 minute mark his proof that God exists is that the “tide goes in and the tide goes out.”

My aim is not to make this post about religion.  I grew up in a catholic home, went to catholic school most of my pre-college years, but am not a “practicing” catholic today.  Personally I am not a big fan of atheism either.  Mainly because it is a belief structure bordering on becoming a religion onto itself.

It’s more that I am anti “-ism”.  I prefer critical thinking, individuality and acknowledging that as humans we don’t know everything today; we still won’t know everything tomorrow but the perpetual pursuit of that unknown knowledge and wisdom is paramount.  Believing and knowing are not interchangeable concepts.  For anyone to say they know with 100% certainty that there is or isn’t a God or Creator is extremely hubristic in my opinion.

So let’s move on.  Simply stated, O’Reilly is a dipsh!t, no news there.  If he were living in Puritan times and he saw a woman do something he couldn’t explain he would be the first to declare her a witch and demand she be burned at the stake.

In other aspects Bill is no moron, he is a manipulative person.  He is very selective in his use of the English language.  The billboards are trying to get people to question what they “believe” and are not an insult even if he finds it insulting.  An insult has to have the intent to insult by the person stating it, for someone to be insulted the existence of intent by the person saying it can be present or not.  To tell someone else that they meant to insult someone even when they say they didn’t is the type of game played in kindergarten.

Stating an opinion and broadcasting that opinion with the consent of the broadcaster/owner is not an “attack.”  No person has the right to not be offended/insulted.  This is where Bill once again shows his true colors, he is an authoritarian at heart, he wants people to think as he does and if they openly disagree then that is an “attack.”  He is likely implying that because this should be construed as an “attack” it should not be allowed by the so-called authorities even though he doesn’t outright state this.  This is similar to stating an opinion is “dangerous.”  These “attacks” are nothing more than free-speech and they are not coercing people to do anything, unlike many of the entities that Bill supports on a regular basis.

Here is Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s reaction/comments (the original video I saw)

I personally like listening to NDGT whenever I can.  He is brilliant but also personable; this allows him to explain complex ideas/things to people not as intelligent as him (which is almost everyone) while not being condescending.

The most important thing he points out is near the end.  My intepretation of his comments is that if believing in “God”, praying to him and attending various services with other believers makes you a person happy then its a good thing.  But if accepting that the things that can’t be explained today are nothing but the magic of some omnipotent being and this ceases your desire to understand these occurances further then that is a bad thing, it would be tragic ignorance.

My guess is Bill has a PhD in Ignorance.