22.7% Increase Over 10 Years Isn’t Bad For Being A Govt Drone

I know some people who are(were) pretty good teachers, one being my wife.  She taught kindergarten for 7 years, we had a son and she likes her new job (being a mom) more than her old one.  It had become politicized and was being run in a manner similar to how the govt tries to run the economy, from the top down.  They fail in a similar manner too.  People who know nothing are making the decisions about what they know nothing about, it is no wonder that the government school system is of low quality and the product that is insanely expensive also has sh!tty customer service.  But at least you have no choice and are forced to pay at gunpoint, but how else are they going to pay these types of salaries?

The CFT propaganda video making its rounds on the internet was infuriatingly stupid, wrong and manipulative, but what do we expect?  It reinforced my belief that these people are sociopaths.

Thanks to Stucky (a regular on the burning platform) for sending me the link at the bottom, I asked a question I was too lazy to look up myself and the website he sent told me what I needed to know.

According to this, my home state of PA has the 9th highest starting salary, the 11th highest average salary and the 6th lowest salary % increase over the last 10 years.  Do you know what the 6th lowest % increase over 10 years was?  22.7% !!!!

Now 22.7% over 10 years means an average annual pay increase of 2.5%.  That doesn’t keep up with inflation (unless you believe the Bureau of Liars and Statists) but it is a lot better than the poor bastards forced to fund these drones have gotten over the past 10 years.  They have seen their % increase lower or even negative depending on the profession.

The absolute lowest % increase is NC and even that is above 12%.  Sure sounds like they are poverty-stricken victims…

check out your own state