The Word Is Out

One of the regular posters/commenters on The Burning Platform gave TBP a very nice gift to start off 2013, a billboard outside Boston.

Yojimbo did an outstanding job.  The idea of morality and freedom is being spread  no matter how hard those statist f#%cknuts try to suppress it.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Ron Paul


This is freaking awesome. Yojimbo has pulled it off. The Burning Platform is now being advertised on a massive electronic billboard on I-495 just outside Boston. More than 350,000 people per week will see this sign. It will be live for the entire month of January. If there are any new visitors to TBP from this sign, let us know. I’m blown away by this.

Thank You Yojimbo!!!

To the Boston Office of DHS – you know what you can do.

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