Is My Reaction Normal?


After reading and listening to progressives, neo-conservatives, bible thumpers and other misc collectivists spout their vitriol I get physically ill. Some of the worst are below but these pics are far from exhaustive. The problem with being in a collectivist society is that if you aren’t part of the “Borg” then you are part of a very small minority.

bam bernan




fat and evil


pel and rei

Their stupidity and dogmatic, illogical beliefs accompanied with the idea that them applying coercive and violent force is not only necessary but moral is quite disturbing. They are the epitome of evil and should be labeled as the murderers, schysters and terrorists that they are. Trying to understand these people (and I use that term loosely) requires intense mental gymnastics for people with critical thinking skills, intelligence and morals based on the non-aggression principle. I decided I should document what happens to me after these types of encounters so I set up a camera. The video is below. I warn you; it is not for squeamish.