The Ignorance of O’Reilly



Bill O’Reilly is extremely mis-informed about weapons and showers stupidity blatantly.  What is a heavy weapon according to him, a semi-auto rifle?

Also it was not 60,000 rounds, it was 6,000, for someone who shoots regulary and has multiple caliber guns that is not a huge amount of ammo.  Typical bulk ammo comes in packages of 500-1000 rounds.  An hour at the range could chew easily chew up 150-300 rounds.  Also, ammo just like everything else of value is going up in price nearly every day, so when it is on sale today and will cost more tomorrow, smart people buy in bulk.

What is it that the shootings like Columbine, V-Tech and Aurora have in common?  They occur in gun-free zones, which ensures a plethora of unarmed law abiding targets/citizens.  If these shooters are so “insane” why isn’t there ever a shooting at a gun-show or at the firing range?

O’Reilly’s worst offense is that he is a collectivist that resounds the false premise that the best response to a tragedy is more laws and more government involvement.  There are already laws on the books.  No increase in the # of laws or registration lists or even prohibition of fire arms is going to end violence.  Violence is committed because the person willfully chose to commit the act.  Taking away their most useful tool does not remove the will to do harm, it would end violence just like eliminating forks and spoons would put an end to obesity.  According to O’Reilly reasoning, we don’t need to eliminate them, just register forks and spoons of a certain size.

Watch for yourself, I am just glad that Chaffetz put him in his place.