I have had this one saved up for a little while, I actually saw it right when it aired months ago and was blown away by how O’Reilly didn’t even seem to know how to pronounce “Keynesian.”  How someone in his position could be reporting/commenting on the news and even referencing the economy for as many years as he has and not know anything about “Keynesian Economic Theory” is beyond me.  He speaks regularly to Stossel, Beck and Napolitano to name a few that have atleast some knowledge of this idiotic economic theory.  Even that sh!t-for brains Sean Hannity probably knows of JM Keynes.  I suspect O’Reilly was just being dishonest and “playing stupid” instead of actually being stupid here.  He chose to act this way to further the idea that normal people (like Bill) should look at the ideas that Ron Paul discusses as fringe as if RP just walked off a spaceship.

O’Reilly proclaims the government should stay out of the economy but once again sheds his sheepskin to allow his statist wolfhood to be visible when he asks “Who is gonna run the country?”  The idea that the government should or can “run the country” is the root cause of so many of our problems.  When they say this, they are really asking who should run the lives of the people and play parent to all the children/serfs/citizens.

Stossel is wrong on one thing though, free people don’t run the country eventhough they should.