Looks Like A Scene From Mad Max

A motorocylce gang stops a man with his wife and young child.  They accuse him of cutting them off and proceed to beat his car, remove helmets to use them as weapons and then break glass.  He peels off and runs over quite a few of them in the process.  Apparently one of the bikers has been left paralyzed.  He shouldn’t worry, Obamacare is now available.  More details can be found HERE.

We can all sleep well at night knowing that the driver wasn’t capable of protecting himself with a firearm because he was in Bloomberg’s Paradise aka New York sChitty.

Like a pack of feral animals these cretins continued to hunt their vicitim until eventually they were able to stop him and pull him out of the car.  While watching closely I think I see a few donut eating copfuks performing stop and frisks as the savages roll by.

Watching this reminded me of the scenes from the dystopian movie Mad Max.

mad max biker gang 1

mad max biker gang 2

The driver messed up because he stopped (and for being a resident of or visiting NY).  In a fight, you have to use what you brought and you a have 4000lb 4WD wrecking ball; knock those mutha f’ers to the ground.  He should of continued to drive over them and when he ran out of space going forward, thrown it into reverse and painted the streets red with their blood.

The world is looking more and more like Mad Max and that isn’t a good thing.  I still need to build my own Interceptor.