Transhumanism: Would You?

I just watched Eminem’s new video for his song “Rap God.”  The song is ok (I do like the album overall) but I actually liked the video a lot; it included various 80′s references (Max Headroom) and some comic references.  Here it is below for those interested.

max headroom

But then I watched a video by Mark Dice.  For those that don’t know, he does those videos where he asks the hoi polloi to sign fake petitions for things like post birth abortion and Vladimir Lenin to take over for Obama.  I applaud him for showing us how stupid and gullible the typical mouthbreather really is.  Sometimes he can’t even keep a straight face when dealing with the average American, i.e. moron.

He posted this video regarding “Rap God.”  He obviously doesn’t like Eminem’s music which is fair and then goes into the satanic/illuminati messages and ideas regarding technological singularity/transhumanism (the combining of the human body with technology).

Eminem is talking about being a “Rap God” and he is portrayed as doing this by being hooked up to hard drives and uploading everything to his brain.  I guess so he can have a better vocabulary to rhyme with.  To be the god of Rap doesn’t seem to be all that important in really, personally I would much rather roll like Poseidon and rule the Sea.

The human brain is not much different than a computer with a hard drive, processors etc.  How can the limitations of the human brain and body be exceeded?  We use computers and the internet on a daily basis (I am using it to write this right now) but that interaction has physical limitations.  What if we were directly connected to said machines?  One of the best way to look into the future regarding science and technology is to look at science fiction.  Much of what will become reality tomorrow was an idea that was fiction today.

I think of beings such as the “Observers” in Fringe who were actually humans who could experience time in a non-liner fashion due to their enhancements.  Even though they have god-like abilities, they still wreck their planet (a future Earth) and become tyrants in the present day/near future.  They travel back in the hopes of survival and building a new world in the past.  But they are cold, oppressive, murderous and bald (they have a lot in common with politicians) because their calculations/models tell them this is the way to survive.  One of the main characters, Peter, obtains a piece of their tech and has it implanted in himself.  His abilities increase but his humanity, morality and judgement start disappear.

peter bishop observer implant


Are they wall street bankers, politicians or oppressive time-traveling techonoloically enhanced humans from the future?
Your guess is as good as mine…

There is also Robocop who is what many think of when picturing a cyborg.  A human consciousness within a robot.  Here the brain is enhanced and limited at the same time.  The enhancements include interfacing with computers directly and all the data they can provide along with the physical strength and speed of a robot.  The limits were to disregard the human’s morality and judgment so they could simply follow orders like a good Nazi soldier.  In the original the human part of the being must override the robotic part to overcome his government/criminal/corporate owners (doesn’t sound too far fetched IMO).

robocop old robocop new

Blade Runner, Terminator, Almost Human all deal with robots/androids that are self-aware and beg the question of what makes someone human.  Is it our bodies stuffed full of diet soda and McShits or is it our consciousness that makes us people?

fatties eating micky d's tears in the rain

All these examples play into the tug of war between technological enhancements vs our humanity.  An important limitation of machines is that they only know what they are told.  One thing that needs to be made clear would be that in regards to transhumanism one would not know everything, they would simply have access to all that is known.  The unknown would still be invisible until it is discovered.  The creative human mind is what allows the unknown to enter the realm of the known.

Would technological advancements actually require us to be less “human”?  I’m not so sure.

I pose the question, would you meld yourself with technology.  I can’t say definitively whether I would or wouldn’t if given the opportunity.
When I picture what it could be I want to envision a utopian possibility designed by Ray Kurzweil himself but instead I picture this as a more likely outcome…

everyone texting